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Rocky Mountain News

  • By Kit Cason
  • 06 Jan, 2016

"Money Monday" March 27, 1995

Getting On Board

Couple discovered life as business owners with their new electronic bulletin board service

by Stanley Holmes
Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer

      DENVER, CO. -
Owning a modem has changed the lives of Keith and Kit Cason. The Denver residents no longer have to worry about being robbed at gunpoint in their taxicabs, which happened to Keith Cason two years ago in the parking lot of Mile High Stadium.
"That was the turning point in my life that said it was time to quit being a blue-collar worker and start looking for a new opportuni ty," said Cason, 40. 

 "I'm an entrepreneur.  I was working the cab because I didn't have a good idea." The idea the Casons discovered is one that individuals, couples and companies across the country are discovering: operating their own bulletin board service , or BBS.

The couple now operates PIC-9999, an electronic bulletin board service for the Denver­ metro area.

 For those with a modem, a local call access es event calendars, a message board and advertisements that range from automotive repair shops to a specialized driver network called TaxiNet.

BBS competition growing

      Jack Rickard, editor of Littleton-based Boardwatch Magazine , estimates there are about 500 BBS's in Colorado, up from 100 in 1987, when he started the magazine as a   newsletter.

 He estimates 65,000 bulletin board services are scattered across the country catering to some 18 million people.

 About a thousand people nationwide make their living from running bulletin boards, Rickard said.

 "It's ideal for couples," he said. "It takes relatively little capital to get off the ground It's shaping up to be the home business of the "'90s."

 Even so, the large number of bulletin boards, means enormous competition. It would be difficult to put together a BBS that could draw a lot of people, he said.

 Despite that, the top national bulletin board operators rake in between $4 million to $5 million in revenues annually, he said.

 Bulletin boards mostly are dedicated to hobbies, interests and just about every topic imaginable. In Colorado, dialers can call up boards that cover local politics, genealogy, gay issues, taxes and career information, to mention just a few.

Colorado at forefront

 Nationally, folks can get the latest information on the Grateful Dead, paganism, gardening, home improvement, survival-ism, conservative politics and adult entertainment or set up a corporate conferencing meeting.

 The majority of BBS's,however, offer thousands of shareware programs, low-cost computer software that people can download and try before purchasing, Rickard said.

 Bulletin board services have been around since the late 1970s. They are different than the Inter­net or the commercial on-line ser­vices because they generally are not connected to a vast computer network.

 But more and more BBS's are creating local links with other BBS operators.

 And some are even offering access to the Internet .

 According to Rickard, Colorado has been at the forefront of this segment of the electronic revolu­tion since the  1980s.

 "The Denver area was very active for bulletin boards because of its high-tech, highly educated population," he said. "Many peo­ple had computers and were tech­nically literate."

 And now the bulletin boards are influencing everything from the political process to economic opportunities.

 ''I think it's going to change the way we do a lot of things," said Rickard.

 Roger's Bar, a local political BBS near Colorado Springs , has breathed new life into local politics-much to the aggravation of elected leaders.

 The feisty political discussion group has been around since 1980 and was created by BBS entrepreneur, Korean War hero and 21st century gadfly, Dave Hughes.

 Colorado Springs now has 140 bulletin boards, of which 100 are linked.

 That spells danger for the slick politico who wants to slip something by a somnolent electorate.

Services influencing politics

 Just last year, Hughes and his band of techno-activists caught a Colorado Springs city attorney trying to pass a telephone harassment ordinance without any public debate, he said.

 The intent of the ordinance was to hold the owner of a telephone criminally responsible for harassing calls made on that line.

 The proposed law also affected bulletin board operators, he said.

 "One board operator put the full text on the (linked) system, where it immediately spread," Hughes said. "Over the next two months, we vigorously debated that ordinance and rewrote the ordinance on line. 

 "The electronic democracy spread across the town, and now the ordinance is acceptable to all."

Hughes contends that the effectiveness of the electronic political discussion groups in Colorado Springs forced the city to create its own BBS, called CityLink.

 The free bulletin board provides detailed information about new laws, events and the ongoing affairs of local government. Residents can debate the issues and message elected officials.

 "The bulletin board gives the public access and a voice," Hughes said. "Americans want to be heard and not talked to by the media or anybody else.

 "And when they get heard, even if the vote doesn't go their way, they will abide by the result."

Revenues ahead of projections

 But for others, a BBS can be a new economic opportunity. The Casons , enthusiastic about their career change and the potential payoff, borrowed, saved and invested $30,000 in computer hardware, telephone lines and power processors to create their home business.

 Kit managed a restaurant while Keith worked 16-hour days for two years to understand computers and electronic communications.

 Since PIC 9999 started 11 months ago, the Casons have logged 2,100 callers. The couple makes money selling on-line ads.

 While money is not rolling in, revenues are ahead of original projections and they are debt free, they said.

 "Our objective was to design a computer that would sit in part of the room, help cover our living costs and make a profit," Cason said. "And we found that the interest is there."

 With little advertising, the Casons now are getting calls 24- hours a day.

 They no longer moonlight as cabbies or bartenders to make ends meet.

"This is it," said Cason. "We live and breathe this now."

 In the background, the clicking of the modem could be heard. Another caller was dialing on.

 Said Cason, shrugging off the noise: "In the middle of the night you hear the squeal of the modem, which to us is like the sound of a cash register."

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Keith Cason (Just make it happen.)

By Kit Cason 04 Feb, 2016

How do you keep your attitude in tip-top shape, no matter what's going on? Maintain your passion, increase your satisfaction and meditate on your purpose. Here are some questions to ask yourself to keep things moving in the right direction: onward and upward!




a.       Do you basically love what you do?

b.       Do you do it for your own reasons?

c.       Have you become immersed in your job and your industry?

d.       Do you constantly find ways to upgrade your skills?

e.       Do you have fun?


a.       Do you seek to expand your personal experiences and horizons?

b.       Do you work at finding mentors and thus learn from them?

c.         Do you listen to yourself?

d.       Do you read motivating, stimulating subjects?

e.       Do you explore new areas and willingly accept new challenges?


a.       How much time do you take for self-management?

b.       Have you clarified your primary purpose (both personal and career)?

c.         Is your life reflecting your values and priorities?

d.       Do you have a personal mission statement?

e.       Do you celebrate your uniqueness?

By Kit Cason 04 Feb, 2016

1.   Sell the Salespeople

Give them what they want which is:

2. Verify salespeople have their room arrangements, traveling cash, and first day's per diem, in their hands before departure.

a) Crew Leader handles all issues on the trip. No worries

b) Load product.

c) Supply and help with paperwork.

d) Handle any problems salespeople may have.

The crew leaders ’ sole purpose is to keep the Salespeople working every production hour.

3. Have a definite departure time and date.

4. Stated "Rules of Conduct" while on the trip.
  To be explained to and accepted by all Salespeople.

Reveille:                                             6:30AM

Production hours:               7AM to 5PM. Training Consulting:                         5PM to 7PM Salespeople Free hours:       7PM to 10PM

Lights Out:                             10PM

From 7AM to 7PM the salespeople are under full authority of crew leaders, except in obvious Headquarters matters. From 7PM to 10PM the salespeople are on their own free time.

Daily logs will be maintained by salespeople and seriously reviewed and analyzed by crew leaders. Salespeople will turn in daily logs at end of work. Salespeople who do not make a sale will pitch the crew leaders. Crew leaders will pair Salespeople with Closers.

Salespeople must behave professionally during production hours and on Hotel property. Infractions will be penalized.

5. Crew leaders will be available to Headquarters 24 Hours. Crew leaders will follow all orders, rules, systems, methods, etc. of Headquarters. Crew leaders will make "Field Decisions" only.


By Kit Cason 04 Feb, 2016
1. Identify an opportunity to help someone expand on his or her skills, knowledge, and abilities.
Coaching is a chance to help someone enhance his or her performance and add value to the organization. Sometimes, people may ask you for coaching, but don't wait for that to happen. Learn to identify coaching opportunities and act on them at any time.
2. Confirm that the person is ready for coaching.
Before coaching, make sure the person is open to it. If the person seems hesitant, you might try explaining the benefits, but don't insist on coaching someone who simply isn't receptive.
3. Ask questions and offer information to clarify the situation.
Much of coaching involves helping people clarify situations in their own minds. Often, the best way to do this is by asking questions that encourage them to think through the situation aloud.
4. Help the person identify possible actions.
The best coaching enables people to think and act on their own. As you help someone identify immediate actions, you're also preparing the person to work through similar issues without your help.
5. Gain agreement on a course of action.
In coaching, you help someone plan how to handle a situation. To be certain that the session results in positive action, help the person develop an action plan for how to proceed.
6. Offer your support
The ultimate goal of coaching is to enable a person to act independently. Most people need reassurance and support before they can reach that goal. As a coach, you need to let the person know you're available to give further assistance—or further coaching—when it's needed.
By Kit Cason 03 Feb, 2016

Nevertheless, there are 10 basic qualities that all good sales managers possess. Most can be learned. Here they are; check those you possess.

1. You like people. We hope you already have this quality! (If you don't, you may as well stop here.)

2. You are well organized. Organization is the foundation of everything that you do successfully in life.

3. You have a sense of commitment. Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, doubt and always ineffectiveness.

4. You have a strong desire for responsibility. Since you will be judged on results, you know you are responsible for the results of your sales team. And you wouldn't have it any other way.

5. You are persistent in the pursuit of your goals. Recognize the value of persistence. Former U.S. President Calvin Coolidge said, "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."

6. You bring out the best in people. The German philosopher Goethe explained this succinctly when he said, "If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however, if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that."

7. You have tolerance. You understand the art of being human includes allowing people to grow by learning through "mistakes." In reality, you realize there are no "mistakes"—only steps to mastery.

 8. You are flexible. New situations call for different actions over time. You need to know when to direct and control and when to follow and discover.

 9. You engage in self-analysis. In a survey, one-third of sales people interviewed were dissatisfied with their manager. Have the guts to accept feedback, and be willing to listen. Along this line, ponder the words of Sigmund Freud: "Work is man's strongest tie to reality.”

10. You have enthusiasm. All the studies done by the Dale Carnegie organization indicate
By Kit Cason 03 Feb, 2016

Today organizations are working with smaller budgets and fewer people. At the same time, customer expectations are increasing. In this environment making the best use of all employees' skills, knowledge, and abilities is more critical than ever before.

To meet this challenge, many organizations are redefining and expanding the role coaching plays in helping to meet organizational goals. Coaching is no longer a ritual that only managers carry out during scheduled performance reviews and appraisals. Instead, it’s seen as a way for everyone in the workplace to work with, motivate, and support one another—both within and across functional lines.

The goal of coaching is not to provide direction, but for employees to work together to help one another find direction. To accomplish this goal, employees must take on greater personal responsibility in the workplace— not only for their own performance, but also for the performance of others. Instead of saying, “That's not my job," employees must find opportunities to help others:

•         Gain confidence in their own abilities

•         Analyze problems and find solutions

•         Set goals

•         Think of a better approach to their work

•         Find new ways to apply their skills

•         Sort through their fears and concerns

•         Find ways to overcome obstacles

After all, the security of your job may ride on how well others do their jobs. Each employee's success depends on the organization's success—and for the organization to thrive, everybody has to be a coach.

By Kit Cason 03 Feb, 2016
I need       sales to make my weekly goal.
I need a weekly dollar sales volume of $      
I need a monthly dollar sales volume of $     .
My closing average is       % (be conservative).
I need to see       prospects a week to reach my goal.
I need       new leads a week from my company.
I need       new leads a week from my activities.
I must spend     hours a week generating new leads.
I must make     mail outs per day (to new contacts).
I need       solid appointments per day.
I must make     follow-ups per day.
I need       total prospects in my pipeline (backlog).
I must draft     proposal/contract per day.
I must make     sale(s) per day.
I must get     * reorders.
I need to attend     networking events per month.
Become an active member of     associations/clubs.
I must spend     minutes a day on my attitude.
I must spend     minutes a day educating myself.
I must spend     minutes a day on one major goal.
I must be prepared to do business at all times.
By Kit Cason 03 Feb, 2016

Is it more important for a manager to be…



FEARED (The fear of letting a good man down)



By Kit Cason 03 Feb, 2016
If you are reading this blog post sitting on your couch at 10:30 in the morning just go back to sleep. No wonder your girl friend is pissed at you. You are probably the kind of idiot that has to text your girl friend or wife all day long while you should be working. If this is you don't waste your time reading this blog. Go back to thinking about your game score.
A real hustler is up with the sun five days a week. It gives time to be thankful for the opportunities this fine day has to offer. Take some deep breathes, streach out a little then have some breakfast before you go out the door.
By Kit Cason 03 Feb, 2016
Perhaps more than any other line manager, sales managers are concerned with a range of management activities
By Kit Cason 03 Feb, 2016
How do you keep your attitude in tip-top shape, no matter what's going on? Maintain your passion, increase your satisfaction and meditate on your purpose. Here are some questions to ask yourself to keep things moving in the right direction: onward and upward!

  a.       Do you basically love what you do?
  b.       Do you do it for your own reasons?
  c.       Have you become immersed in your job and your industry?
  d.       Do you constantly find ways to upgrade your skills?
  e.       Do you have fun?
  a.       Do you seek to expand your personal experiences and horizons?
  b.       Do you work at finding mentors and thus learn from them?
  c.       Do you listen to yourself?
  d.       Do you read motivating, stimulating subjects?
  e.       Do you explore new areas and willingly accept new challenges?
  a.       How much time do you take for self-management?
  b.       Have you clarified your primary purpose (both personal and career)?
  c.       Is your life reflecting your values and priorities?
  d.       Do you have a personal mission statement?
  e.       Do you celebrate your uniqueness?
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